The Friday 5: Our Top Picks from Twitter this Week

Weekdays are busy.  And twitter feeds are fast and furious.  Unless you have all day to stare at your computer monitor watching as each Twitter feed comes through (we’re guessing you don’t), you miss a lot.  So do we.

Hence: The Friday 5.  Coming to you weekly from SJI… our favorite takeaways from the madness that was Twitter this week, June 18-22, 2012:

#1 We’ve always believed that B2B marketing should be no less exciting than its B2C counterpart (case in point:  Here, @jeffbullas makes a case for B2B social media engagement with his blog post: 15 Essential Social Media Facts and Figures for B2B Marketing:

#2 Ever feel dismissed by a one-word response like “okay” or “thanks” after you’ve sent someone a long message? Like other forms of communication, social conversation requires a certain finesse. Jennifer Kane (@JenKaneCo)’s blog post, “The Art of Opening Social Conversation” offers advice on how to engage consumers through “door opening” questions / responses and some “door closing” comments to avoid:

#3 This cool post from @webist reminds us that consumer engagement doesn’t have to be limited to the cyber world. These 15 attention-grabbing billboard campaigns put a new spin on a traditional form of advertising, and led to real interactions with consumers. Tell us which ad is your favorite!

#4 is a blog post from the Marketing Zen Group, via @BoKnowsMarkting.  It’s true…not every product has instant sex appeal.  How to create interesting content for less-than-exciting industries?  Good advice here:

And, finally, #5. Courtesy of Duct Tape Marketing (@ducttape) via @michaelgass.  O2O (online to offline) Marketing – love this!  5 Ways to use Social Media and your Online Presence to Drive People Offline:

Have a favorite tip, quote or news bit of your own from this week to share?  Please let us know in the comments below…I’m sure we missed a few and we’d love to hear from you!

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