The Friday 5: Tweets You (may have) Missed This Week

Weekdays are busy.  And twitter feeds are fast and furious.  Unless you have all day to stare at your computer monitor watching as each Twitter feed comes through (we’re guessing you don’t), you miss a lot.  So do we.

Hence: The Friday 5.  Coming to you weekly from SJI… our favorite takeaways from the madness that was Twitter this week, July 16-20, 2012…

#1 How to find your authentic voice on social media” via @SkipPrichard An excerpt: “…your company’s social media personality should be your company’s corporate personality after exactly one beer.”  Need I convince you further to read this post?  Note: Please, if you take away only one thought from this post, let it be this: No grammatical errors.

#2 is for WordPress users.  @jeffbullas shares 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins of2012 Every Blogger Should Know About. A few of the tips deal with usual methods of promoting social media sharing, but tips #5 and #6 can also help your page views!

#3  comes to us from @hubspot.  Everyone’s jumped on the social media bandwagon. But how can you tell who’s using social media effectively? This week @hubspot elaborates on How to Perform a Social Media Competitive Analysis. How to Stalk Your Competitors in Social Media (So You Can Crush Them)

#4 You’ve seen them around…you may even have scanned one or two.  Or considered using them as part of your own marketing initiatives.  But do they really offer added value? An honest look at the pros and cons of QR codes from our friends at @sproutsocial.

#5 Speaking of third-party tools, new data tweeted by @fasttweets suggests that Facebook Content Published Via Third-Party Tools Suffers 67% Fewer Likes [New Data].  Many of us use third-party websites (here at SJI we like Sprout Social) to manage our social media content. But apparently posting through third-party sites can harm the reach of your content. Will these numbers affect how you post?

Have a favorite tip, tweet or post of your own from this week to share?  Please, let us know in the comments below…I’m sure we missed a few and we’d love to hear from you!

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